Words Counter

Online Words Counter Tool:

Words Counter is a useful online tool that can check the number of words, characters, sentences, sections, and more in a given content. Designed by Mechanical Site, it is a fast web app that analyses text material in seconds; this aspect makes it useful for writers, students, researchers, marketers, and those who work with texts.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Word count – Precisely counts all words in a text content. Useful in observing word limitations when writing articles, essays or on assignments.
  • Character count – Counts the total number of characters including spaces. This helps people to optimize their social media posts or other marketing contents.
  • Sentence count – Sums up all sentences present in a text document.. This activity enhances writing as well as making sentences more precise.
  • Paragraph count –┬áThe program calculates total paragraphs. It assists one to structure his/her write-up and review paragraph size.
  • Instant results –┬átyping or pasting in some written materials will automatically show its statistics such as how many words are there including those remaining untyped.


Is Words Counter free to use?

Yes, Words Counter is completely free to use with no limits.

What browsers support Words Counter?

Words Counter works seamlessly on all modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and more.

Is my text content secure on Words Counter?

Yes, Words Counter does not save any text content. All processing is done locally in your browser.

Are there limits on the amount of text I can count?

No, you can analyze large text documents with no limits on Words Counter.

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