Crompton Brisk Air 150mm Best Exhaust Fan


Crompton Brisk Air 150mm Best Exhaust Fan

  • Crompton Brisk air fan has a swept area 150 mm.
  • Featured with a high-speed ventilating fan with powerful airflow.
  • Smooth and fashionable appearance.
  • Lightweight and anti-rust feature.
  • It has a plastic body and blade.
  • Inbuilt safety grill to avoid accidents.
  • Fan’s speed: 2470 rpm.
  • Fan’s air delivery: 350 cu m/min
  • Product Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Power supply: 25 watts


Crompton Brisk Air 150mm Best Exhaust Fan for Bathroom.

All about Crompton Brisk Air 150mm best exhaust fan for bathroom. The exhaust fan is critical for an odorless environment in your property because it vents out unsightly smell and smoke that might be a gift within the air.

Exhaust enthusiasts are ought to in lavatories and kitchens, in particular, because those places generally tend to get full of odors that aren’t applicable. Exhaust fans for kitchens are needed to vent cooking odors and assist in preserving the air around the kitchen region clean. Crompton’s broad range of exhaust enthusiasts provide the proper help and contribute to clearing the indoor environment.

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