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What is the inventory?

What is the inventory and why does it important?

What is the inventory?

Explain inventory (What is the inventory?)

  • Inventory is a physical stock item that a production enterprise keeps in hand for the efficient running of its production.
  • Inventory consists of raw materials, component parts, supplies or finished assemblies etc. which are purchased from an outside source and the goods manufactured in the enterprise itself.
  • Inventory control may be defined as, the systematic location, storage and recording of goods in such a way that the desired degree of service can be made to the operating shops at the minimum ultimate cost.
  • Inventory serves as the buffer or safety against its planning, sudden demand continuous production etc. Any form of inventory is a sign of inefficiency.

Level of inventory may be reduced by the following methods.

  1. better planning
  2. continuous monitoring of stock (on-line)
  3. reliable vendors
  4. use of Just-in-Time (JIT) concepts.

Purpose of inventory control

Inventory controls are needed to have a proper track of the inventory, i.e. to find that the available movable material and to find out that material of required size and quality in required quantity is available so that manufacturing work does not suffer at all.

Each department has and is likely to get the desired material without loss of time and with the least labour. The controls are observed and exercised so those obsolete items are separated from used items and also space shortage problem is solved. Inventory has been divided into different categories so that there is no problem with laying hand on the required material.

Such a control aims at having periodic inventory check-up and those who are supposed to exercise control are to ensure that the needed material is purchased and stocked when that is available at economical prices, so that manufacture is not required to unnecessarily waste the money. Inventory means keeping unto and accurate record of the available material and the objective of this control is to ensure that this record is properly and carefully kept.

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