Celsius to Kelvin Converter

Celsius to Kelvin Converter Web Tool: 

Easily convert Celsius temperatures to Kelvin and vice versa with this handy web-based calculator. No download or signup is required!

How to Use the Celsius to Kelvin Converter

Converting temperatures is quick and easy:
  • Enter a temperature value in either Celsius or Kelvin units.
  • Select the units of the value you entered (Celsius or Kelvin).
  • The calculator will automatically convert the temperature to the other units.
  • The converted value is instantly displayed.
  • For example, entering 100°C and selecting Celsius converts to 373.15 K. It works seamlessly in both directions.

Celsius to Kelvin Conversion Formula

  • The formula used to convert between the Celsius and Kelvin temperature scales is:
  • K = C + 273.15
  • Where K is the temperature in Kelvin and C is the temperature in Celsius.
  • This simple conversion allows you to switch between Celsius and the absolute Kelvin scale.

Why Use This Celsius and Kelvin Converter?

  • No installation is needed - works instantly in your web browser
  • Clean, intuitive interface for fast temperature conversion
  • Responsive design works great on all devices and screen sizes
  • Totally free to use with unlimited conversions
  • Get conversions immediately as you type
  • Helpful for science experiments, weather reports, cooking, and more
Stop wasting time doing manual Celsius and Kelvin conversions. Use this calculator for all your temperature conversion needs!