Check These 5 Things Before Buying a Used Car

What are the things we should keep in mind before buying a used car?

Old car buying tips.
Old car buying tips.

Thinking of buying a used car? Well, before buying it is important to consider some things. Since a lot of risk factors are involved in an old car, we should be cautious and check the correct condition, running, service history, documents, etc. of the car. Let us know in detail what should be kept in mind while buying a used car:

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  • Car condition - First of all, you should check the condition of the car thoroughly. Start the engine and see if there is no noise. Also, check the gearbox. It is important to see whether the brakes are working well or not, whether there are cracks in the tyres, and whether there are cracks or scratches on the body.
  • Running - Pay special attention to how much the car has run. Get a low-running car. Due to the high run, there will be more expenditure on maintenance in the coming days.
  • Service History - Check the service book or history of the car. It is better if the car is regularly serviced. Lack of servicing can cause problems in the future.
  • Documents – Take care of RC, Insurance, Pollution Certificate, Passing Certificate, etc. All these documents should be with the owner.
  • Test Drive - Do a test drive before buying a car. This will reveal the real condition of the car's gear, brakes, steering, etc.
  • Get it checked by a mechanic - It is better to get the car checked by a good mechanic. He can technically check and give information about defects.
  • Negotiate the Price - Negotiate well on the price. Set price based on condition. Give a discount even if you ask for more.

Keeping these things in mind, you can buy a good-condition old car at a good price. However, there is definitely some risk in the old car, so caution should be taken. I hope these tips will prove useful for you.

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