Automobile Engineering Syllabus

Automobile Engineering Syllabus

Syllabus of Automobile Engineering Subject: 

Automobile engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering that deals with the design, construction, and operation of automobiles. The syllabus for automobile engineering covers a wide range of topics related to the automotive industry. Here is a comprehensive syllabus for automobile engineering:

1. Automotive Engines:

a. Introduction to internal combustion engines

b. Types of engines

c. Engine components and their functions

d. Four-stroke and two-stroke engines

e. Engine performance and testing

f. Engine cooling systems

g. Lubrication systems

h. Engine emission control

2. Automotive Transmission:

a. Types of automotive transmissions

b. Manual and automatic transmissions

c. Gearbox and clutch systems

d. Transmission systems in different vehicles

e. Hybrid transmissions

3. Automotive Chassis:

a. Suspension systems

b. Steering systems

c. Brake systems

d. Tires and wheels

e. Shock absorbers

f. Design of chassis systems

4. Automotive Electrical and Electronics:

a. Electrical systems in automobiles

b. Batteries and charging systems

c. Starting systems

d. Ignition systems

e. Lighting systems

f. Electronics and control systems in automobiles

g. Sensors and actuators

h. Communication and networking systems

5. Automotive Materials and Manufacturing:

a. Material selection for automotive components

b. Casting, forging, and machining techniques

c. Welding and joining techniques

d. Heat treatment and surface finishing

e. Manufacturing processes for automotive parts and components

6. Automotive Design and Testing:

a. Design considerations for automobiles

b. Computer-aided design (CAD) in automotive engineering

c. Vehicle testing and validation

d. Performance and safety testing

e. Environmental testing

7. Automotive Maintenance and Repair:

a. Preventive maintenance

b. Troubleshooting and diagnosis of automotive problems

c. Repair and replacement of automotive parts

d. Service and maintenance schedules

8. Automotive Safety:

a. Vehicle safety standards and regulations

b. Passive and active safety systems

c. Crash testing and analysis

d. Human factors in automotive safety

e. Driver assistance systems

9. Automotive Management and Marketing:

a. Business models in the automotive industry

b. Sales and marketing strategies

c. Supply chain management

d. Quality control and assurance

e. Environmental regulations and sustainability in the automotive industry

This syllabus provides a comprehensive overview of the topics covered in automobile engineering. It is important to note that the actual syllabus may vary depending on the institution and the level of study.

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