What is Automated Guided Vehicle?

What is Automated Guided Vehicle?

What is Automated Guided Vehicle?
An automated guided vehicle is a transportation device used to carry light weight or over whelming goods from one spot to the next. It is regularly used in the industries for the regular moment of the goods or manufactured items. Automated guided vehicle is mainly used in the machine station of the industries. Automated guided vehicles widely reduce the transportation cost of the manufacturing industries


  • The chassis of the automated guided vehicle is made up of GI sheet and the plastic wheel is mounted underneath of the chassis. 
  • The geared D.C motor of 12V is connected to the plastic wheels and the motor is fixed with the help of check nut. The rubber caster wheel is fixed at the front portion of the chassis for the directional movement. 
  • The radio frequency identification sensor is fixed below the chassis to sense the radio frequency wave from the RFID tag. 
  • The radio frequency identification sensor is fixed with the help of bolts and nuts. RFID sensor is connected to the pick 16F877A microcontroller.
  • Obstacle sensor is fixed horizontal to the length of the chassis to identify the obstacle Infront of the automated guided vehicle.
  • Internal relays are connected to the geared D.C motors for on and off of the electrical supply and voltage regulator is fixed with the microcontroller for the regular voltage supply for the electrical circuits.
  • The 6V battery is placed above the chassis and fixed. 16*2 LCD display is integrated with the microcontroller for the display of the command.
  • The radio frequency tags consist of integrated circuit used for the signal transmission. B. Types of Automated Guided Vehicle
    Various automated guided vehicle available in the market and this type of automated guided vehicle is decided by material used or product it will carry.
  • Automated guided vehicle is produced of different types of materials, including GI steel and plastic. Most automated guided vehicle come with standard sizes and it is used for normal loads, but some of them are designed for very little or huge loads.

1) Unit load automated guided vehicle

Unit load automated guided vehicle used for carrying palatized load, large containers and unit load. Unit load automated guided vehicle reduces the product damage and reduce in traffic. Unit load automated guided vehicles are battery powered autonomous system. They are used in the place of fork trucks that require a person for the operation.

2) Forklift automated guided vehicle

Forklift automated guided vehicles are used in picking and transporting the pallets, containers and many other transportable loads. Forklift automated guided vehicles consists of forklifts at different size based upon the requirements for loading and unloading. It can pick up and deliver at floor level or to stands, conveyors, belts, racks. Forklift automated guided vehicles are classified into latent type, carrying type, traction type.

3) Tugger automated guided vehicle

Tugger automated guided vehicle is used in the manufacturing industry to transport more goods faster. Tugger AGV’s reduce the operational efficiency and operation cost. It increases the safety of the workers, products and equipment with precise and controlled movements. The product delivery and timing can be tracked so we can easily identify the location of the products.
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